Mirrors are versatile additions to both residential and commercial spaces, offering every day functionality while improving the atmosphere of a room or workspace.

In residential settings, mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and home gyms. They also serve as decorative elements, adding style and sophistication to interior spaces such as bars or living spaces.

In commercial environments, mirrors are essential for businesses such as gyms, dance studios, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and medical offices.


With a wide range of styles, finishes, and customization options available, our selection of mirrors are versatile solutions for any space, whether for work, rest, or beauty.

Our expert team of Designers and Craftsmen will ensure that each and every mirror is upheld to our customers desires and standards.. 

For Antique mirror finish options, please check out our partners SPANCraft and their finishing options. (Please note “Jazz” finish is discontinued.)

Reflecting Perfection

Mirror Applications


Mirrors in bathrooms serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. They help with grooming tasks such as shaving and applying makeup while also enhancing the sense of space and light in the room.

CGM can create custom mirrors in various shapes, sizes, and styles to complement different design themes and preferences.


Glass in bedrooms offers both functionality and style.. A mirror wall behind the bed creates a striking focal point, visually enlarging the space and adding depth. Custom mirrors for vanities, closet doors, room dividers, or decorative accents, offer endless possibilities to elevate the bedroom’s ambiance and practical use.


Mirrors in closets are functional additions that help users with outfit selection and dressing while enlarging spaces and reflecting light. They can be installed as full-length mirrors on closet doors or walls. Closet mirrors come in framed or frameless options to suit different decor styles.

Doors and Cabinets

Mirrors used for door or cabinet inlays adds a touch of elegance and visual interest. Whether as inserts for cabinet doors or entryways, mirror or glass inlays create a modern and luxurious look. With customizable options such as antique finishes, customers can personalize the results to suit their unique style and preferences.

Gyms- Residential and Commercial

Gym mirrors are essential for both residential and commercial fitness spaces. They provide users with a clear view of their form and technique during workouts, enhancing safety and effectiveness. Gym mirrors are typically large, floor-to-ceiling installations, designed to withstand impact and provide distortion-free reflection.


Image Credit: Luxury Glass NY

Mirrored backsplashes in kitchens or bars add glamour and sophistication to the space. They reflect light and surroundings, making the room appear brighter and more spacious. Mirrored backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy areas.

Antique styled-mirrors can add another layer of sophistication to your Kitchen as both an intriguing visual display and conversation piece.



Standard clear mirrors are the most common type, featuring flat glass with a silvered backing. They provide clear and distortion-free reflections, ideal for bathrooms, dressing rooms, and fitness spaces, offering functionality and style. 

CGM will accommodate any outside finishes applied to your mirrors including LED lighting, shelving, and light fixtures. 



Antique mirrors have a distressed or aged appearance, adding vintage charm and character to interiors. They come in various styles, from ornate and decorative to simple and rustic, making them versatile options for eclectic or traditional design schemes.


Framed mirrors come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood, metal, and composite frames. They offer versatility in design, allowing customers to choose frames that complement their decor style and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. 

CGM can provide certain metal frames in finishes, such as chrome, brushed nickel, and satin brass. If you desire alternative framing, CGM can provide specific glass measurements for sub-vendors. 

We also offer framing in spectacular Genuine Solid Bronze.


Custom mirror options are tailored to fit specific requirements, such as accommodating light fixtures and structural outlets. These options allow for seamless integration of mirrors into any space.

Want a shape that is outside of the box? We can have custom mirror shapes cut to make your vision a reality. Call us for more information.

Antique Finishes

CGM works with SPANCraft to craft antique mirrors in various finishes. Below are the most common finishes our customers choose.

(Please note “Jazz” finish is discontinued.)

Frequently Asked Questions

es we do! Every one of our products is guaranteed for a year after installation. If you have any issues we are committed to resolving them. You the customer are our highest priority.

Our standard lead time from the quote approval is 1-2 weeks. This may vary if you request special services such as digital printing or engraving.

It is not recommended to use any products with bleach and ammonia. 

It is not recommended to use a squeegee on the mirror during the first month due to micro-abrasions that can occur post-installation from residual installation dust particles. Microfiber towels and quality glass cleaners are preferred. Applicable to antique finished mirrors.