Services Provided:

Glass elevators can transform a simple form of transportation into an architectural statement. With panoramic views and an abundance of natural light, our glass elevators offer an immersive experience, enhancing the ambiance of any environment. Crafted with the highest quality materials, they ensure safety, durability, and smooth operation. 

Elevate your lifestyle or impress your clients with our customizable designs and impeccable service. Elevate with confidence, elevate with style – choose our glass elevators for the ultimate in sophistication and convenience.

Services Provided:

Capitol Glass and Metals is committed to delivering the best glass elevator enclosures. We guarantee:

  • Expert Installation
  • Strict adherence to engineering guidelines
  •  Customized to your requirements
  • Sleek and contemporary design

We can customize these options to adhere to aesthetic considerations including tinted or frosted glass and various metal finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not recommended to use any products with bleach and ammonia. 

It is not recommended to use a squeegee on the glass during the first month due to micro-abrasions that can occur post-installation from residual installation dust particles. Microfiber towels and quality glass cleaners are preferred. 

Our standard lead time from the quote approval is 1-2 weeks. This may vary if you request special services such as digital printing or engraving.

Absolutely!  We have a comprehensive list of completed projects on our website.